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Drone Sprayer is a division of DroneCo and provides drone services throughout the upper North Island. As the leading Drone Spraying Applicators of agricultural spraying and roofing treatments for lichen and black mold in New Zealand, we operate with fully self-contained service vehicles and equipment. Our staff are highly trained, CAA approved, and certified to deliver the professional services you require.

Drone Sprayer specializes in the aerial application of chemicals for the agriculture industry and commercial/private roofing treatments for moss, mold, and lichen. Our pilots have undergone the necessary training to meet CAA guidelines and are 102 certified. Additionally, they hold chemical handling certificates to ensure safety and environmental protection on the worksite.

New Zealand's Leading Drone Sprayer for Agriculture. 
Herbicide Spraying for Weed and Bio-Security Pest Control & 
Spraying Roofing Treatments for Moss Mould & Lichen 

drone service vehcile crossing river

Our service vehicles are fully equipped for 4x4 off-road capabilities and come impressively outfitted with generators, 700 liters of water storage, recharging stations, and all the safety equipment you would expect for a professional operation, whether on or off the grid.

Drone Truck Setup for Drone Service
Take control of your glass house growing conditions with regular roof cleaning via our drones and specific treatments for glasshouse
Glass House Drone Spraying
Not all drones are created equal
TTA M8Pro Drone Sprayer

Our NZ hybrid drones are designed to meet New Zealand conditions. By using professional agriculture spray nozzles, we can adjust our spray equipment for specific conditions, ranging from roof spraying to agricultural pesticides and herbicides.

Drone Sprayer also utilizes hyperspectral camera drones for a deep understanding of crop analysis, health, and any crop growth issues that may be present.

With drone surveys, you can analyze your crops faster, safer, and more cost-effectively. Farm managers can deploy drones quickly to identify trouble spots, locate stock on larger properties, and analyze crops in depth using multispectral photography techniques. By using drones, we can capture high-definition video footage at a fraction of the cost of hiring a plane or helicopter.

Unlike other drones,
we use commercial Tee Jet
nozzles that can be 
changed for different applications:
 herbicides, pesticides, moss, mold & lichen

Our drone are equipped with hyperspectural cameras to detect plant disease to better evaluate chemical uses
Drone hyperspectral

Drone Agri Services 

Drone Agri Services 
Crop Spraying
Crop Counting
Crop Health
Soil Health
Detect Crop Disease

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