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Drone Sprayer Spraying Eden Park with Wet & Forget to treat Moss Mold, Lichen
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Drone Roof Spraying Solutions
Drone Roof Spraying Moss Mold Lichen Treatment
Drones remove the risk of roof damage from service people
Drone Roof Spraying for Moss Mold and Lichen
Drone Roof Spraying Moss Mold Lichen Treatment
Tile Roof Spraying for Moss Mold & Lichen

How Can Lichen, Mould, and Moss Hurt My Roof?

Are you looking for a safe and efficient way to treat your roof, for Moss, Mold, or Lichen without damaging and cracking roofing tiles or harming roof structures?

Did you know that most roof damage, such as broken or cracked tiles occurs through traditional methods of cleaning roofing surfaces? Even a medium-weight service person can crack and damage tiles without even knowing! Causing roof leakages and thousands of dollars of repairs.

Why risk this potential damage?

Drone roof spraying is the answer. Our team specialises in drone spraying solutions for a variety of applications, including commercial roof spraying, school roof spraying, tile roof spraying, and agricultural drone spraying.

  • Drones are fast and efficient
  • No roof damage by personnel 
  • Accurate with minimum wastage 
  • No scaffolding costs
  • And many more benefits

Drone spraying is an innovative technology that allows us to treat roofing effectively. With precision drone spraying, we can target specific areas that need treatment, reducing waste and ensuring that the chemicals are applied evenly.

One of the benefits of using drone spraying is that it is environmentally friendly. Because we can target specific areas with precision, we use fewer chemicals overall, which reduces the impact on the environment. Additionally, drones are electrically powered, which means they produce fewer emissions than traditional spraying methods.

Our team is experienced certified drone pilots using the latest drone spraying technology. 

Drones are ideal for commercial roof spraying, we can safely remove moss, mold, and lichen from your roof without damaging the roofing material. From commercial factories, warehouses, and Schools, drone roof spraying can help prevent the growth of these organisms, ensuring that students and staff are safe and healthy. 

Tile roof spraying can keep your roof looking great and prevent damage from moss and other growth.

Our professional drone spraying team is committed to providing safe and effective solutions for all your roofing needs. Whether you need commercial roof spraying, school roof spraying, tile roof spraying, or agricultural drone spraying, we have the expertise and drone technology to get the job done right.


Drone Roof Spraying for Moss, Mould, Lichen, and Surveying

Our professional drone roof spraying services effectively combat issues caused by moss, mold, lichen, and other roofing concerns. With our cutting-edge technology and skilled operators, we ensure thorough and efficient treatment to protect your roof. Don't let stubborn lichen, mold, or moss compromise the integrity of your roof any longer - trust our expert drone spraying solutions for optimal results.


Specialist Spray Booms
That Reach Difficult Places

drone roof spraying
glasshouse Drone Spraying
Glass House Drone Spraying
Drone Roof Spraying

Drones are the best applicator of roofing treatments, excellent controlled penetration, completely removing the risk of human damage (80kg human on concrete tiled roofs are never a good idea). No need for edge protection or scaffolding construction and minimum disruption to operations 

Drone Roof Surveying

Treating roofing for Moss Mold & Lichen has always been a difficult and expensive process. Safety equipment such as edge protection, scaffolding, and harnesses make up huge costs to the treatments.

Additionally, there's almost inevitable damage caused by weight-bearing loads (average 80Kg person) walking over roofing, clay roofing tiles are nearly always damaged with traditionally roofing treatment systems.

Drones are touchless, and the most efficient means of spraying roofing. 

The benefits are:

  • Speed & minimum operational time
  • Costs, no health & safety costs
  • Non-touch, no roof damage through roof walking
  • Auditable GPS accurate roofing reports (using our survey drones)

Commercial roof spraying for factories and warehousing, office buildings and stadiums are ideal for drone roofing spraying. Our drones utilize the latest GPS and Lidar technologies to ensure 100% coverage as well as high-resolution images to provide reports on roofing conditions and likely future failure issues

Welcome to the Future of Surface Cleaning: Wash Drones Revolutionizing Maintenance!

Are you tired of traditional and time-consuming methods for cleaning building exteriors and vertical surfaces? Introducing our versatile Wash Drones – the cutting-edge solution that combines efficiency, speed, and safety to transform how you approach exterior maintenance.

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